Kolli Malayalis Food And Nutrition

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Kolli Hills has about 800 acres set aside for millet cultivation alone. The staple food of Kolli Malayalis is rice and minor millets like samai, ragi and thinai. They also cultivate drought resistant mustard, cowpeas, avarai and so on. Tapioca is also widely cultivated and sold.

Kolli Malayalis also consume a range of tubers from the forests. Their most famous dish is the Attukal kilangu soup made of a vegetable tuber available in the forest which tastes like trotters soup (mutton leg soup). This soup is touted to have a number of medicinal properties and is said to cure joint pain, arthritis and cholesterol. However, they now rely more on the government subsidized rice.

Coffee, tea, jackfruit, pineapple, black pepper, tapioca, honey, cardamom, hill banana, guavas, etc. are also cultivated on the Kolli Hills. The jackfruits are well known for its taste and fragrance

Attukal kilangu

Medicinal herbs of Kolli hills

A small cave probably used by Siddars (Ancient medicine men)

Tubers used by Kolli Malayalis

Glorioso Superba used in medicines


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